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We work to develop the real-world skills your children and young people need to succeed in the future.



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Where we work

The Enterprise Academy is the leading Enterprise Education CIC in the UK, we work in formal education settings and out-of-school provisions delivering high energy and fun programmes.

NCS Programmes

The Enterprise Academy partner with NCS providers nationally to deliver high energy, high impact enterprise programmes introducing young people to social action while learning enterprise skills.


We work with schools and colleges to upskill young people to help build the skills they need to succeed; enterprise, public speaking, wellbeing and career readiness. 

HAF programmes

We partner with HAF delivery providers nationally to offer Enterprise, STEM and innovation programmes, contact us to recieve our HAF Partner pack.

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We support businesses and organisations to develop unique solutions to connect with young people while inspiring and empowering them.

Our most popular programmes


TEA Enterprise Challenge

Where The Enterprise Academy started. Think enterprise, public speaking, seeing opportunities in the every day and thinking outside of the box. 
This programme empowers and inspires young people to develop business ideas and solutions to every day problems.


Spill the TEA

Young people today face unique challenges and pressures, this program is specifically designed to empower them with the tools they need to thrive.

Spill the Tea will cover a range of topics, including stress management, mindfulness and wellbeing activities. 


Politically Correct

Let's get political! Politically Correct introduces British politics, political parties, left wing and right wing politics, journalism, budgets and manifestos.

The days learnings lead to the development of their own political party, manifesto, budget and election.



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What are people saying about us...

Mark - NCS Programme Lead

" The Enterprise Academy helped our young people develop crucial skills and gain practical knowledge to help prepare them for the real world of work. The supportive and encouraging environment provided by TEA helped build confidence and resilience.
I was particularly impressed with their focus on positive mental wellbeing and community involvement, helping our young people to feel connected to the world around me and become an active and engaged citizen.

Overall, I cannot recommend The Enterprise Academy enough. It has been a truly transformative experience, and I am excited to see the impact they will continue to have on our young people and others in the future.

February 2023

Poynton High School

"Another fantastic programme from The Enterprise Academy, really engaging workshops on politics, wellbeing and enterprise. Teachers have been singing your praises and a parent actually emailed to say their child went home buzzing and how impressed they were"

November, 2022

NCS Graduate

"I loved the enterprise day, we worked as a group to create a business idea that would help our community. It was a fun, inspirational experience thanks to the coaches. Talking about something so important and interesting really makes feel as though I belong in this community. "

September 2022


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If you want to find out more about any of our programmes, or how The Enterprise Academy could inspire your young people, please get in contact.


The Enterprise Academy, Office 3, James Pl St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1LD


+44 7875135082



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